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Currently traveling to the provinces and there’s a terrible traffic, we’ll, what do I expect? It’s Lenten Season and this is widely celebrated in this part of the globe.

Took a snap and it was two seconds before I noticed ‘sexy on board’ . Exactly! Coz I am on board, lol!



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Why I Don’t Feel Inspired To Write   Leave a comment

I’ve been contemplating on writing blog posts, and my target is at least one Blogpost a day. Now, I admit I failed this at this standard I set myself.

I did some prelim online research and confirmed those things that are on my mind on why I don’t seem inspired to write these days.

1. I just don’t feel inspired.

This leads me to a question- How do I get inspired? If there’s one thing I dream of doing, if that is even possible considering the state I am currently in, that is to be able to stay at home and work online, writing. Being uninspired creeps me out. Any idea on where to get inspiration from?

2. I don’t find anything interesting to write about.

At all! Or is this a question I’m asking myself? I’m not sure if this is only happening to me , or whether there are also other people in the same state at this point, but I just don’t seem find anything to write about. Is it because I’m simply uninspired? Well then, being uninspired then is dangerous, even fatal if I am dreaming of becoming a writer online.I am not sure if what’s on my mind is worth something to write about. I often put this pressure in myself that whatever I write must be interesting enough. And in the process of trying to think of “something interesting enough”, and when I couldn’t find anything interesting enough, I end up not writing anything at all. Sigh. Are there really no more interesting enough in my eyes?

3. I may be too consumed by work.

Let’s face it. I have a day job. I work more than eight hours a day, not counting those “just-minutes-after-seven-in the-morning” calls and texts from my Boss and those “already-after-nine-pm- calls and texts” also ( no worries, I love her anyway J ) But I have time in the evening, when all the world is sleeping and I ‘m the only soul lying awake, and yes, awake till the wee hours of the morning, and yet I still can’t find the urge to write, to write something…something worth the space here at WordPress.

Till next post, when I hope to write sensibly. I’m out of here, need to finish my Slurpee first. Hope the colorful design of the paper cup inspired me somehowJ

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I don’t work harder……   Leave a comment

Ok, I’d be very honest here. I am in the office while writing this post.

My office mate sitting next to me at this very moment needs at least 12 more hours for today to finish everything that she needs to do. Which brought me to two options (now at least I have something to do while using company resources). One: she has really lot of things to do. Two: Time Management.

I don’t


want to brag that I can finish my job well ahead of time. I don’t want to say either that I do not have that much load.  Well..I’d say that I do my job and I manage my time well (what? 🙂

You see, I’ve graduated from the belief that we all have to work harder. Some can, if they so desire. But for the rest, which I am included, I’d decided to work smarter. And for me, working smarter means finishing the job ahead of time plus having enough time to do things that I enjoy doing….like blogging:-) Isn’t that smart?

With all honestly, my job requires a lot of communication, coordination, emails and telephone calls. Yes, including overseas and over continents calls and Skype calls, too.

And I don’t forget the power of emails, and I don;t forget to cc my Boss, too so that I am visible and that I am working. Of course, it doesn’t end there but i guess you see the point, yeah?

I also don’t spend much time on Facebook. I don’t speak for the entire Facebook members of course but I feel that my time is not being reciprocated by signing in at FB while I could have learned a lot by visiting other websites or reading other blogs or writing in this blog, for example.

Also, I am well aware that I do not have the best English communication skills in the world, attributing partly to the fact that it is not my mother tongue, but that doesn’t stop me and instead prompted me to spend the most available time I can get in enhancing my English. I do hope I am doing it the right way.

As I am nearing the end of this post, I feel kind of guilty as I can leave the office now and relax in my place while she needs to stay up to time I don’t know when. To balance it out, we all have 24 hours in a day..the manner in how we spend those hours could probably be the one making the difference. Or probably the desire to have a life outside the office is also driving me to finish what I have to finish, earlier than scheduled and expected. But I’m not saying I’m that great. I’m just saying I use my time appropriately.

Guilty as I am, I don’t work harder..I hope I am working smarter.




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Movies…we meet again :-)   1 comment

I haven’t updated this blog for over several months now. I have been quite busy with work and what-not. But I hope I can get into the habit of regularly writing here and giving updates on whatever takes my interest and fancy.

So, last month I decided that I will watch one movie a month, as I did when I was still in Doha. It was easier to do that in Doha, I must admit, for some reasons. One: I almost don’t have much choice but do that because that really will ease out one’s homesickness. Two: my friends are very cooperative, in a way that almost always pay the ticket, and yes, the popcorn, caramel flavor :-)!

Anyway, last September, I’ve seen two movies, in fairness to me. And those are:

Crazy, Stupid, Love

One Day

 Next in my list is Friends with Benefits.

Too bad, they started playing last Sept. 28, just in time that I was so busy with office errands. I have to check if this is still playing in A-Malls. Hopefully so.

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I need an SLR :-)   Leave a comment

I have been into a client meeting last night. Well, not really a meeting, it was more of a photography session. We were soo late and the chairman of the Hotel was there. We were feeling a bit unprofessional with just a digital cam on hand. But then, the show must go on. So we took shots of the hotel, the rooms, the lobby and the reception. It was not enough though, as we also ran out of battery. We need to make another visit and obviously needs a professional camera. 

At that moment I thought that I should learn photography  and designing as well. If I do, it will be easier for me to deal with clients and make a sale. I will be more articulate when we discuss designs and photos. I need to save up for that expensive camera :-). I already have a laptop with a CS2 installed in it. I just need a teacher to teach me the basics and the complicated. I plan to do that soon. The camera? I think that will have to wait.

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